artist portrait

man (the human being) - the focus of mary-lou´s artistic work. her artistic career, her drafting skills took her from illustrating to the theme of dance, textile art, mixed media objects, sculptures in aluminium, bronze and glass to three dimensional painting. all experimenting with tools and techniques results in an individual form of presentation, a range of critical object d´art and new realism.

the opening of exhibitions are introduced by "all embracing" artistic preformances - including musicans and dancers. the creations of music compositions and choreography by harald bernhard are related in theme to "göttermenschen", "dances", "love & kisses", "octocubis m³", "impact kunst und technik im dialog", "weltbilder"...

capturing and presenting man and nature developing, interacting and in tension with challenges and opportunities. the controversial components create emotions. the materials, assemblies, refraction, stylisation and alienation, the dimension of canvasses tensioned in line stand for a conscious levelling penetration into space and time.

the holes, tears and sequences as visions, imaginations, equally finite and infinite, in contrast.
the solution to contradiction?
the dialogue, mary-lou´s work brings the observer in touch, the lover of art.

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